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Yamaha SHO 1.62 High Performance Gears

Improves your prop efficiency with this proven gear ratio! Designed for that lighter weight hull that needs big props to keep engine off rev limiter. We will have 1.62 gears soon for the HPDI 2 stroke.


Yamaha ECU upgrades!

Call for pricing and application, send ECU in with model and serial number and return information. Turn around time is usually 24 hours! Other models available soon.

ecu programmer

ECU Programmer for 4.2L Four Stroke Yamaha (200,225,250,300hp)

Program your own ECU! Change the tune to 4 different settings:

  1. Stock hp with 6200 rpm limiter
  2. 300 hp with 6200 rpm limiter
  3. 300 hp with 6500 rpm limiter
  4. 300 hp with 7000 rpm limiter

You can even tune your customers or friends! They just need to buy a tune from us.

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