Yamaha Rebuild Program

Powerhead Reman Program

The Hydro Tec exchange program requires a complete core return on every purchase regardless of the core condition.

  • Core refunds are based on reusable block and crank
  • Cores must be returned within 60 days for refund. After 60 days, credit only will be applied to your account.

Freight Policy

Powerhead core exchanges and core purchases may be shipped via Hydro Tec selected Freight Lines within the USA (Except Alaska and Hawaii). Call Hydro Tec at 417-725-5746 to arrange pickup.

Return Policy

Return of powerhead orders must be authorized prior to shipping. No refunds on returned powerheads, credit only to account less restocking and freight charges.

E-mail : info@hydrotecmarine.com
Phone: 417-725-5746
Fax: 417-725-3046

In-house Service and Installation

Hydro Tec offers In-house installation. We offer the same service that we require or our dealership network plus some additional service:

  1. Engine is put on our horsepower dyno. This insures that the engine is properly broke-in and the engine is dialed in and horsepower is measured.
  2. Injectors are cleaned and all filters are replaced
  3. All ignition is checked and analized
  4. Gearcase is serviced and waterpump replaced
  5. Fuel delivery system is checked and repaired as necessary
  6. Oil injection is cleaned and serviced

Call and make an appointment with our service department and in most situations, we can get you in and out in one day!

E-mail : info@hydrotecmarine.com
Phone: 417-725-5746
Fax: 417-725-3046

Hydro Tec Warranty


Hydro Tec Marine Performance Inc. warrants remanufactured powerheads sold to, and installed by full time, licensed marine dealers for defects in workmanship and replacement parts for 1 year beginning on the date of purchase.

Warranty is limited only to Hydro Tec warranty and does not affect manufacturer’s warranty. Replacement parts used in warranty repairs will be warranted for the balance of the warranty period. Warranty labor is reimbursed by the hourly rate established by national average of retail dealer rate. Yamaha flat rate is used to determine reimbursement. Charges for removal of the motor from the boat and or transportation to a dealership are excluded from warranty coverage.

Dealer is responsible for filling out and sending warranty form (provided by Hydro Tec) to Hydro Tec at the proper date of delivery. Form must be returned with customer and dealer signatures. Warranty is not transferable and is only valid to original purchaser. Failure to file form in a timely manner can affect warranty.

General Exclusions from Warranty: This warranty will not cover the repair of damage if the damage is a result of abuse or neglect of the product. Examples of this abuse and neglect include, but are not limited to:

  1. Racing or competition use, modification of original parts, abnormal strain.
  2. Lack of proper maintenance, improper mounting of engine, and installation of parts that are not equivalent in design and quality.
  3. Operation of the motor at an RPM other than specified, improper propeller selection, use of lubrication, oils, and fuel/oil mixtures that are not suitable for outboard motor use.
  4. Damage as a result of accidents, collisions, contact with foreign materials, or submersion.
  5. Growth of marine organisms on motor surface.
  6. Normal deterioration.
  7. Engines used outside of the United States.
  8. Detonation or any failure due to poor fuel quality, fuel delivery system, and failure to maintain or service fuel delivery system.